IT Pros Go Out On Their Own A Look At The Modern Freelancer

1IT Pros Go Out On Their Own A Look At The Modern Freelancer

90 percent of freelancers say that the ability to control their own schedule is the best part of freelancing

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92 percent of freelancers use online job sites as their primary way of landing gigs and employment

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41 percent say they use social media to find jobs

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65 percent of freelancers believe that digital portfolios and online resumes are more effective than traditional resumes in landing a job

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Gen X’ers make up the biggest group of today’s working freelancer, accounting for 42 percent of the pool, with 32 percent made up by Baby Boomers and 26 percent by Millennial

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Freelancers only do it to fill-in long term career holes? Might be a myth: only about 9 percent of respondents in this survey identified themselves as freelancers until they found a fulltime job and 17 percent said they were pushed into it following downsizing

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Nearly 40 percent of freelancers said they started to be their own boss or saw it as part of their long-term career strategy and 36 percent depend on it as their sole source of income

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35 percent said they first started freelance as supplemental income and 42 percent say they have a full- or part-time job on top of their solo gigs

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Among all respondents, a resounding 56 percent said they prefer it to having a full-time job with one company and 61 percent say they are happier with their work as a freelancer than as a full-time employee

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Around 56 percent say that not working in a cubicle is one of the very or somewhat important factors drawing them to the freelancing life


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