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Generation Gap

1 - “Generation Gap 2.0” Heating Up: Help Desk

58% of workers under 35 said younger employees help older ones learn how to use new technology, but less than half of those 35 or older agreed with that.

2 - “Generation Gap 2.0” Heating Up: Late Adopters

53% of workers under 35 said older employees are typically reluctant to use new tech like social networks or WebEx, while no more than 45% of those 35 and older said this is the case.

3 - “Generation Gap 2.0” Heating Up: Tech Limitations

About half of workers under age 45 said older colleagues are frustrating when it comes to IT usage, in contrast to 42% of those 45 and older who feel this way.

4 - “Generation Gap 2.0” Heating Up: Socially Enabled

About three of 10 employees under 45 rely on social media to do their jobs, compared to one in five workers 45 and older who do the same.

5 - “Generation Gap 2.0” Heating Up: Stalled Drive, Part I

At least seven of 10 employees age 35 and older become frustrated with younger colleagues’ work ethics, compared with just 54% of those under 35 who do so.

6 - “Generation Gap 2.0” Heating Up: Stalled Drive, Part II

At least two-thirds of those age 35 or older say Millennials are less likely to stay late, volunteer for new projects or otherwise demonstrate industrious qualities, as opposed to just 43% of workers under 35 who agreed.

7 - “Generation Gap 2.0” Heating Up: Herd Mentality

61% of professionals under age 35 said there are generational “cliques” at their companies, and roughly the same percentage of those 35 or older agreed.

8 - “Generation Gap 2.0” Heating Up: Older and Wiser

72% of those under age 35 said they learn more from older colleagues than younger ones, which is fairly close to how those over 35 responded.