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1CIOs Say Delayed Tech Projects to Proceed


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Green Lights on the HorizonNew research commissioned by IT Staffing company Robert Half Technology details interviews with more than 1,400 CIOs and points to green lights for shelved projects and planned upgrades across multiple applications sectors. CIOs say once the economy rebounds, they’re moving ahead.

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2010 – The Year of Bad News In the past year, most resellers received some bad news from clients more than once. Planned projects nestled expectantly in the VAR pipeline were postponed due to tough economic conditions. So, was all that sales and relationship building work for naught? Well, not according to the new study.

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The Future is BrightThe report says that 37 percent of CIOS interviewed said they still plan to implement those new projects and upgrades that were deferred once signs of economic recovery become clear.

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Top ProjectsVARs first in line for projects will be those that supply the top applications in biggest need. Number one-virtualization and web design. A full 16 percent of CIOs say those technologies are at the top of the list.

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Next on the listCloud and collaboration may be getting tons of buzz, but only 12 percent plan on implementing new internal collaboration technologies, and only 11 percent are looking to the cloud first and foremost.

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Twitter a go-goIt seems most enterprise still are figuring out how to harness the power and popularity of social media. 9 percent of CIOs plan to tackle getting their brand integrated with social media sooner rather than later, however, confusion still abounds as to what that actually means.