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When it comes to looking for a job, the weirder the better? Wait—that doesn’t sound right, does it? According to a new survey, it seems the days of buttoned-up ties and canned responses to age-old interview questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years” are gone. Instead, desperate job seekers are getting creative to try and capture attention from employers to stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market. Here are some examples of “creative” and, just plain bizarre application and interview strategies that helped job hunters stand out from the crowd, even if they never got the gig.

1.Multimedia Resumes
Bringing in a creative multimedia resume that splices together different recommendations from bosses and showcases your portfolio. Sure, it may take some time, and a few college-level classes in editing and film, but, hey looking for work IS a full-time job, right?

One hiring manager tells a story of a prospective card dealer dealing cards on his desk while pretending to talk to players. Sure, it may demonstrate her guest service skills, but it also showcases a tendency towards split personality disorder. Call the men in the white coats!

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3.Give away the milk for free…at first
Walk in laden down with business plans, technology solutions and branding and graphics layouts for your prospective employer. This idea is not so crazy—instead, it just may work. However, just a piece of advice—don’t leave your intellectual property behind on the hiring manager’s desk. Why would they need you?

4.Presumption in the form of Business Cards
Bring in your name already printed on corporate business cards. Introduce yourself with confidence, and maybe the hiring manager will think you already work there, a la George Castanza.

5.Lights, Camera…Props
Bring in props to showcase your talents.  Perhaps some puppets that show your knowledge of organizational behavior or a portfolio of dry erase markers to demonstrate your talent for whiteboarding the “big picture.” At least no one will be bored.