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Aligning IT Opportunities With the Business

Top Business PriorityTop Business Priority

Growth is the top priority, by far. In 2014, it almost equals the sum of the next three top issues.

Top Growth RestraintsTop Growth Restraints

Talent, regulation and advanced economies are the top growth constraints.

Top Business DriversTop Business Drivers

After the economy and regulation, technology and an aging population are key strategy shapers.

Significant Off-Shore MovementSignificant Off-Shore Movement

International relocation of operations for tax and regulatory reasons will impact a quarter of firms.

IT as a Business PriorityIT as a Business Priority

IT has the highest business priority in more than a decade, with half of business leaders expecting to increase investment in 2014. This may mean cutbacks in other IT areas.

Lack of Digital Business ClarityLack of Digital Business Clarity

Most CEOs have a weak understanding of what digital business will mean, but the focus is clearly on the front office where the business engages the customer most.

Data Becomes a Business AssetData Becomes a Business Asset

CEOs value data, with one-third saying they treat it like a balance sheet asset or monetize it.

Digital Leadership Up for GrabsDigital Leadership Up for Grabs

Half of CEOs say they have or will have a designated digital leadership role on staff by 2015.

Rise of the Chief Data OfficerRise of the Chief Data Officer

A quarter of the organizations surveyed said they already have a chief data officer (CDO).