WhipTail and Other Partnerships

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HP, Dell, McAfee, Wyse, Devon IT and WhipTail Tech are among the vendors that announced new products and partnerships at the Citrix channel and customer event. Meanwhile Citrix focused on the importance of demos in showing customers the true value behind desktop virtualization.

Legacy hard disk storage systems will not be able to handle the desktop virtualization explosion, says Brian Feller, vice president of Sales and Operations at WhipTail. The company was formed several years ago to address the emerging need to scale out storage much more quickly and at a lower cost, he tells Channel Insider. "We feel we are really tipping point technology."

The Racerunner VDI Accelerator is a solid-state SAN product specifically targeted toward the VDI market that addresses a number of VDI issues, including cost and speed. We get tremendous IO, over 100,000 read-writes, and a 7-year lifespan for SSDs, two of the biggest stumbling blocks, says James Candelaria, CTO.
"The absolutely limiting factor has been disk," he explains. Major organizations are working on these technologies but when they run them on their SANs, "they melt down… and the wheels fall off the cart."

According to WhipTail, a virtual desktop requires from 20 to 40 IOPS per image to run at an acceptable level. Fibre Channel HDD arrays from companies such as EMC and NetApp deliver approximately 200 IOPS per drive, which means a 5,000-user environment requires roughly 250,000 IOPS to perform at minimal user expectations and standards. At 200 IOPS per HDD, 625 drives are needed to meet this performance requirement, which corresponds to a performance cost ratio of $8 per I/O operation per second compared to Racerunner’s 37 cents per IOPS.

Devon IT, Inc. announced two Citrix HDX Ready thin client solutions, the Intel Atom based TC5D and the SafeBook E5400X based on the Dell platform. As part of its Flexible Computing strategy, Dell (www.dell.com) announced support for the new Citrix XenClient technology, and is working with Citrix to validate its Latitude laptop and OptiPlex desktop client systems for the new XenClient technology.

HP also hopped aboard the Citrix bandwagon with expansions to its client virtualization lineup. Its announcements included: the HP 4320t Mobile Thin Client; and, the HP Compaq Elite 8000 Business Desktop and HP EliteBook 8440p Notebook PC, the first Citrix Ready platforms expected to support the XenClient hypervisor technology.