Astute Unveils ViSX G3 Virtualization Acceleration Platform

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Prices start at under $500 per host server and less than $100 per virtual machine.

Astute Networks, a specialist in network and flash-based technologies for virtualized infrastructure, announced the introduction of ViSX G3, a performance solution for VMware virtualization environments. The ViSX G3 platform is designed to enable faster, more widespread adoption of server and desktop virtualization, as well as cloud computing, by delivering sustained random I/O performance, with optimized flash memory, to virtual machines over standard local area networks.

The company’s Networked Performance Flash architecture and DataPump Engine technology enable each ViSX G3 solution to add dedicated sustained random IOPS performance to each host in an existing virtualized infrastructure. The DataPump Engine processor delivers offloaded and accelerated network traffic (TCP/IP) and virtualized data store traffic (iSCSI), sustained flash performance, and multilevel RAID protection.

According to industry statistics, only 10 percent of data centers have virtualized their applications, and most have only virtualized non-essential applications primarily because of the virtual stall problem and performance concerns. Databases, desktops and cloud computing environments generate far more network and storage I/O than virtual environments can handle.

"I/O is the next frontier to be conquered, especially if server virtualization is to embrace the next level of mission-critical applications," said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst at The Taneja Group. "A variety of approaches have hit the market to boost I/O, each with its own pros and cons. Astute Networks has focused squarely on delivering the highest performance from flash chips, best value for the money, a standard interface and support for multiple servers simultaneously."

Prices start at under $500 per host server and less than $100 per virtual machine. The ViSX G3 1200 is priced at $29,000, the ViSX G3 2400 is $59,000, and the ViSX G3 4800 is $94,000. Complete solutions including extended warranty, expert support and on-site service are available now, according to information released by the company.

"Astute Networks ViSX G3 acceleration appliance for VMware is the right product at the right time, and they’ve made it very easy for channel partners to sell it," said Rocco Belsito, Southwest district manager of En Pointe Technologies. "It addresses a huge unmet need and provides our VMware customers a performance-centric, cost-effective solution that is simple to implement and easy to manage. They’ve covered all the bases."