Pros/Cons of Adding Android Support to Mobile Lineup

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    Leah Gabriel Nurik

Android Development Challenge #1

Android Development Challenge #1

ComScore recently reported Google Android is now running on 7.1% of smart phones today – that marks a 4% rise in share in less than five months. Not bad. But, Howe says Android still has its challenges. "The real issue is you've got to follow the money and where it is being made," said Howe. "Their (Android) installed base is not as large as people may imagine, and it's not a business play, yet."
Want to add Android support to your mobile portfolio? Not such a bad idea. When it comes to mobile business applications, many enterprises are backing away from Microsoft as the de facto mobile OS for deployment. Recent studies show Android, RIM BlackBerry and iPhone gaining serious ground. Channel Insider sat down with Yankee Group analyst and mobile OS guru Carl Howe to see if he had any tips for resellers and service providers thinking about developing on Android.
This article was originally published on 2010-03-17