Symantec Launches FileStore N8300 Network Attached Storage Appliance

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With FileStore N8300, organizations can manage from within VMware vCenter Server or with a VMware View plug-in.

Storage management and backup solutions specialist Symantec announced enhancements to the FileStore N8300, the latest version of its clustered, network attached storage appliance, designed to help small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) build virtual environments and cloud storage, manage large volumes of data and control the costs of associated storage.

Certified for VMware environments, FileStore N8300 is integrated with VMware vCenter Server. FileStore N8300 helps enable businesses to optimize storage costs associated with virtual machine sprawl and provision servers and virtual desktops through cloning and de-duplication of virtual machine images. FileStore N8300 5.7 is now available with prices starting at $50,000.

With FileStore N8300, organizations can manage from within VMware vCenter Server or with a VMware View plug-in. With this release, organizations can optimize storage consumption in a VMware environment with cloning and deduplication of VMDKs, provision thousands of servers and virtual desktops with cloning of VMDKs, via VMware vCenter Server or VMware View plug-in, and increase VMware performance and remove controller bottlenecks with scale-out storage technology, as well as overcome boot-storm challenges with page caching capabilities.

"Organizations are faced with the difficult tasks of managing data growth and controlling storage costs as they more widely adopt virtualization," said Yogesh Agrawal, vice president of Symantec’s FileStore product group. "With Symantec FileStore N8300, we are making it easier for customers to store and manage large volumes of data, and provide advanced storage optimization capabilities to cost-effectively store virtual machine images and address the performance challenges as they scale their virtual environments."

Organizations struggle to manage an ever increasing amount of data, systems and applications due to the amount of information created each year, which The Economist estimates is growing at 60 percent each year. IDC reports similar growth by predicting that the 'digital universe’ will grow from 1.8 zettabytes in 2011, to more than 7ZB by 2015. FileStore N8300 is modularly scalable and can scale up to 16 active-active nodes, up to 256 TB of file system capacity, and supports 1.4 PB of total storage on the backend.

FileStore N8300 also provides automatic storage tiering with Veritas Storage Foundation SmartTier feature, malware protection with Symantec Anti-Virus and faster backup through integration with Symantec NetBackup. In addition, FileStore and Symantec Enterprise Vault provide a storage infrastructure for end-to-end archiving.  "We’re delighted that Symantec FileStore is now a VMware-certified NAS storage device," said Parag Patel, vice president of Global Strategic Alliances. "As more organizations deliver desktops as a managed service with VMware virtualization and cloud solutions, FileStore is an excellent storage target, because it utilizes deduplication technology for VMDK files."