Nexsan E-Series Storage Platform Offers 3TB SATA Drive Compatibility

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The Nexsan E-Series features an expandable, high density and high performance platform aimed at midmarket companies.

Disk-based storage systems specialist Nexsan announced its E-Series storage systems are the first enterprise-class storage systems shipping with 3TB SATA drives, delivering capacity of 180TBs in just 4U of rack space. The E60X expansion chassis can be added to the E60 to house up to 60 more 3TB drives for a total of 360TBs in just 8U of rack space - representing 4 to 5 times the storage density of leading competitors, the company claimed.

In addition, with AutoMAID level 4, Nexsan's power management technology, applications automatically benefit from up to 85 percent power savings, with no special coding required. Additional enhancements include higher throughput, scaling and interoperability.

Nexsan also announced that its E18 storage system, previously only available with SSD and SAS drives, will now be offered with 1, 2, and 3TB SATA drives. This addition enables a more flexible configuration for customers who do not need the capacity of the E60, but require the higher performance storage controllers which power the E-Series.

Like the E60, the E18 can be expanded with an additional 60 drives by virtue of the E60X expansion chassis. Both the E18 and E60 can mix and match SSD, SATA, and SAS drives to meet varying storage requirements. Both systems are now VMware Ready Certified, and are listed on VMware's hardware compatibility list, Additionally, the E60 and E18 storage systems can now step up from the built-in 1Gb iSCSI ports with an optional dual port 10Gb iSCSI card.

"Product 'specs' are intrinsically interesting, but only gain real value when they are relevant to the intended users; that's why Nexsan has chosen to purpose build products for the  mid-market," said Mark Peters, senior analyst with IT research firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). "Its new E Series is based on Nexsan's Flexible Storage Platform, allowing the delivery of exactly the sort of overall package that demanding mid-market users want - industry-leading storage density and power efficiency, together with enterprise-class features, while retaining a mid-market price point."

All Nexsan E-Series storage systems feature centralized storage management software designed to simplify deployment, management and support and offer a range of features including system redundancy for high availability and enhanced performance for demanding applications. The Nexsan E-Series also delivers an out of the box experience by integrating Nexsan storage hardware and E-Series intelligence.

"For our environment, power savings, density and reliability are critical requirements," said Phil Butcher, head of IT for The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. "With more than 10PB installed, Nexsan's power-managed storage with AutoMAID helps deliver in an energy and space constrained environment. The E-Series product line also delivers the flexibility and high-density needed so that we can easily scale our infrastructure to meet operational requirements."