DataCore, Tech Data Team Up on Storage Solution

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Tech Data will deliver DataCore’s storage virtualization technology to give solution providers new options for managing ever-increasing data volumes and make existing storage infrastructure more efficient.

Tech Data’s Advanced Infrastructure Solutions division has partnered with storage virtualization provider DataCore to give solution providers tools to help customers manage growing data volumes more effectively and leverage existing infrastructure more efficiently.

The partnership will bring DataCore’s SANMelody and SANSymphony storage virtualization software to Tech Data solution providers whose customers are struggling to balance the need for increased storage capacity with cutting costs and better utilization of their legacy infrastructure.

The need for storage virtualization is driven by the explosion of server virtualization, says Tech Data’s Pete Peterson, vice president and general manager of the Advanced Infrastructure Solutions division.

While an increasing number of companies are deploying server virtualization practices to make more efficient use of their data centers, they’re faced with the same amount of storage capacity even as the amount of data generated skyrockets. In the past, the solution would simply be to reallocate existing storage or buy new hardware, but with current economic concerns, storage virtualization is becoming a more prudent option, says Peterson.

"You can’t have a successful virtualization practice without storage as a key component of that solution," he says, and in the current economic environment, customers aren’t looking to purchase new, expensive storage appliances and hardware, but to better manage their existing storage infrastructure.

DataCore’s storage virtualization software enables better utilization of an organization’s existing storage devices by creating a virtual pool of storage capacity that can be allocated in real time to meet user demands. The result is a more efficient, higher performance storage solution that can ease management and save money, Peterson says.

DataCore’s SANMelody and SANSymphony software are compatible with most industry-standard storage platforms, including Hewlett-Packard and EMC, which means customers don’t have to invest in expensive new hardware.

For Tech Data’s solution providers, the DataCore partnership offers great opportunities for storage virtualization sales both to new and existing customers, whether in conjunction with a server virtualization implementation or as a complement to an existing server virtualization practice, says Peterson.

"We really see a huge growth potential here even as we move into some challenging economic times," says Peterson. "Storage is one thing that you’ll always need more of."


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