Bling Your Storage! 12 Stylized Storage Systems

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    Nathan Eddy

LaCie's 4big Quadra ($1139)

LaCie's 4big Quadra ($1139)

This white metal cube could pass for HAL's blue-blooded cousin, courtesy of the large glowing orb in its center. With a price tag approaching $1200, it better open those pod bay doors when you ask it to.
In an effort to increase the allure of functional (if somewhat drab sounding) data storage devices, manufacturers are beginning to get creative when it comes to device design. Boxy, bulky lines have been replaced with more refined and contoured designs, while the color palate has been expanded into more adventurous territory (Toshiba offers portable drives in colors such as "Liquid Blue", "Satin Silver" and "Komodo Dragon Green"). Efforts to liven up exteriors further with graphics, skins and carrying cases are also underway, though a few over-designed devices look a little more like Robbie the Robot than intended. Bright blue LED indicator lights, gaping ventilation slots and the occasional digital readout suggest style and data storage aren't mutually exclusive-but where's my Steampunk storage device?
This article was originally published on 2011-01-07