Asigra, 6fusion Partner for MSP Instant Cloud Backup

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The new service, offered through MSPs and VARs, combines Asigra backup and recovery software with 6fusion's infrastructure as a service to create a cloud-based backup and recovery service that removes the capital cost and time-to-market barriers for VARs looking to quickly come to market with a cloud offering.

Looking to make it easier for MSPs to offer cloud backup services,  backup software and recovery vendor Asigra has partnered with infrastructure-as-a-service provider 6fusion. The partnership gives VARs and MSPs a quick entry to offering cloud backup services without upfront capital cost. Asigra is in use by many MSPs playing in the cloud backup space.

With the new certification, managed service providers reselling Asigra will be able to tap 6fusion cloud computing infrastructure to host their Asigra solution. The relationship aims to leverage all of the efficiencies of cloud computing, such as global remote deployment and monitoring, while paying solely for the space used by the MSP.

As businesses large and small look to take advantage of the move to the public cloud, vendors and resellers alike are looking for cost-effective ways to outsource hosting. Particularly for the channel space, these vendors are targeting a service that can also provide solution providers with the opportunity to offer value-added benefits.  

John Cowan, CEO and founder of 6Fusion, tells Channel Insider that keeping costs low for MSPs is a large benefit of its relationship with Asigra that allows its MSP customers to focus on delivering client solutions that remain cost-effective and make a big impact for the customer.

"The MSP is building the solution—they pay for what they consume when they consume it," says Cowan.

It's in the early days of the 6fusion-Asigra relationship. Today, Asigra and 6fusion have one customer in common, MSP e-ternity Business Continuity Consultants. e-ternity has established its Asigra-Powered cloud backup service, called e-ternity RecoveryCentre, on the 6fusion cloud infrastructure.

Greg Onoprijenko, managing director of business development at e-ternity, says the company had previously sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into its own hosting infrastructure and says that other MSPs can avoid the same pitfall.

"For aspiring MSPs that want to launch any new service, it's either buy it all yourself, sink it in or you tap into a hosted cloud model like the one that 6fusion is offering," says Onoprijenko.  "Literally overnight, costs scale accordingly, and your time to deploy is instantaneous."