iPhone 5: 10 Reasons to Wait For It

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    Don Reisinger

The White iPhone?

The White iPhone?

When Apple announced the iPhone 4, the company also showed off a white version of the smartphone. The only issue is, that device still hasn't launched. And given its history, Apple might wait just until the iPhone 5 launches before it finally offers the white model. If the white version of the iPhone suits a consumer's fancy, waiting for the iPhone 5 is a good bet.
Although Apple hasn't made any indication that it will be launching the follow-up to its wildly popular iPhone 4 anytime soon, speculation abounds over what that device will offer. Some say that the platform will feature a slightly improved design over its predecessor. Others believe that iPhone 5 will come with iOS 5. And along the way, the vast majority of Apple lovers think the device will be the next big thing in the smartphone market. But for those still wondering which smartphone they should buy next, it might not be so easy to determine if they should wait for the promise of the iPhone 5 or go with another device, like the iPhone 4, now. They reason that the iPhone 5 could be a winner, but there are several smartphones in the space that are quite appealing already. And they might justify their price tag. But it's important for those folks to see that waiting for the iPhone 5 is the best idea. Sure, the iPhone 4 is nice, and it's flanked by several Android-based smartphones that should appeal to customers, but the iPhone 5 will be the next big thing in the mobile space. And it will likely deliver the features consumers are looking for. Here's why the iPhone 5 will be worth waiting for.
This article was originally published on 2011-03-11
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