Why the iPhone Continues to Irk Google Fans

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    Don Reisinger

It's Apple

It's Apple

One of the biggest issues Google fans have with the iPhone is that it's made by Apple. For years now, Google fans have made Apple their top enemy, and they'll do nothing that will make anyone even think they have allegiance to the iPhone maker.It's too bad.
When it comes to companies that have so-called "fans," nowhere is the battle more bitter than between the fans of Apple and of Google. Fans of those two companies have believed for years that their favorite company is the best, and the other is, well, a loser. However, such opinions don't necessarily make much sense. The fact is both Apple and Google are doing an exceedingly fine job offering products and services that both consumers and enterprise users can get behind. And to fault either company for the many fine products they're offering is a mistake, to say the least. And yet, the hatred continues. No matter what Apple does, Google fans can't stand the iPhone maker. And no matter how many fine products and solutions Google offers up, Apple fans see no value in them. It's a never-ending issue that, one way or another, fails to make customers see all the benefits out there. Here's a look at some of the (awful) reasons Google fans can't stand the iPhone. Take a look.
This article was originally published on 2011-11-10
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