Why the Cisco Cius, BlackBerry PlayBook Are Better Than the HP TouchPad

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    Don Reisinger

RIM Is A Winner

RIM Is A Winner

When it comes to enterprise mobility, there are few companies in the space that are as trusted as Research In Motion. HP is also a well-trusted enterprise provider, but it lacks the same appeal as RIM does in the mobile space. Realizing that, it's quite possible that enterprise customers will choose the BlackBerry PlayBook over the TouchPad. If it comes down to trust in the mobile space, there's simply little chance of HP winning against RIM.
The tablet space has always been a bit of a conundrum to the average company. In some cases, they companies find that they might be useful in helping keep employees more productive. However, in other cases, firms across the world find that tablets are detrimental to productivity. They realize that some employees will use tablets to engage in activities, like watching video and surfing the Web, that hurt a company's ability to see higher return on investment. And they decide to go with something else. But the Cisco Cius and the Research In Motion BlackBerry PlayBook are designed with corporate customers in mind. The devices promise to deliver on what the average enterprise customer wants. And they will offer many of the features, including BlackBerry Enterprise Server for the PlayBook, that some corporate customers are looking for. But the HP TouchPad might not have the same enterprise appeal. The device, which was first announced on Feb. 9, is getting all kinds of attention from those who believe the tablet could be the next big thing in the space. But when it comes to enterprise customers, the TouchPad will almost undoubtedly fall short when put up against the Cisco Cius and BlackBerry PlayBook. Here's why.
This article was originally published on 2011-02-25
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