Why iPad Is the Best Enterprise Tablet Option

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    Don Reisinger

Display Size

Display Size

One of the key draws to the iPad is that it offers a big, 9.7-inch display. That's important. In order for employees to perform their daily tasks, they need to have an adequate screen size to do so. A 7-inch display, like that on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, won't cut it. But a nearly 10-inch display will. And luckily for enterprise customers, that's just what Apple offers.
Apple's iPad has been an absolute success in the tablet space, easily besting all competitors, including the Dell Streak, the JooJoo Tablet, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Along the way, it has also caught the attention of enterprise decision-makers that can't help but wonder if the device is their best option should they choose to bring tablets to their operation. Admittedly, making such a decision is difficult. Apple has marketed the iPad as a consumer-focused product, and it would only make sense that some enterprise customers balk at opting for a platform that seems so focused on making entertainment-seekers happy. But the reality is, Apple's iPad is a fine enterprise tablet option. It boasts many of the features that enterprise customers are after, and it does so at a price that most enterprise users would be quite happy with. Simply put, it's hard to find a better tablet on store shelves right now for the average company.

Here's why the iPad is a top choice for enterprise customers across just about every industry.
This article was originally published on 2011-03-03
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