Why Smartphones Are Better Than Tablets For Business Users

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    Don Reisinger

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1. The Cost Is RightIf nothing else, companies today are extremely concerned about their budgets. And adding tablets to a mobile mix that already includes smartphones is a mistake. Not only will it cut into budgets, but since 3G is so necessary in the enterprise, it will increase monthly bills. And that's never a good thing for companies. It's simply easier to stick with smartphones.
The mobile market is currently being dominated by both tablets and smartphones. And for many customers, trying to determine which option to choose for employees can be difficult. After all, smartphones have always been the favorites in the corporate world. But with more and more talk surrounding tablets coming to the fore, it's becoming easier for companies to get lured into buying the iPad or one of its many competitors. However, in the corporate world, smartphones should still reign supreme. And if a company is trying to decide between getting its employees' hands on a smartphone or a tablet, the smartphone should win every time. Not only does it make more sense from a productivity perspective, but it will likely also help companies maintain reasonable budgets in this day and age when financial concerns are ever present. Simply put, smartphones are a much better bet for the typical company than any tablet it might choose to deploy in its operation.
This article was originally published on 2010-11-18
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