Why Apple Still Needs Steve Jobs

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    Don Reisinger

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1. He Thinks About DesignIf one were to look around the technology industry at all the products companies launch each year, they would find few with inspired designs. The vast majority of products feature the same, dull look and feel that consumers have come to expect. Apple is different. Steve Jobs understands the value of design and brings a unique look to all the company's products.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a showing at the Worldwide Developers Conference to talk about his company's future operating systems, Mac OS X and iOS and iCloud. But Steve Jobs' appearance at the Worldwide Developers Conference means more than just discussing new products. The executive went on a medical leave of absence earlier this year for an indefinite amount of time, causing some to wonder what a future at Apple would look like without its co-founder at the helm. For many of those folks, that future didn't seem nearly as bright as it would with him in charge. And it has caused some to hope that Jobs returns at full strength as quickly as possible. Such a hope is understandable. Without Steve Jobs running Apple, there's no telling what the company's future might look like. In fact, Apple needs Steve Jobs more than any other company in the world needs its executive. He's integral to Apple's success and its ability to dominate going forward. Here's why.
This article was originally published on 2011-06-07
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