What HP, Dell Still Don't Get About the Tablet Business

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    Don Reisinger

Screen Size Matters

Screen Size Matters

HP and Dell should remember that screen size is extremely important in the tablet space. That's especially important for Dell to understand. That company has been offering a 5-inch tablet, the Streak, that offers too little screen real estate for what customers are looking for. Apple's iPad has a 9.7-inch display. If a tablet from HP or Dell doesn't match that, it's a problem.
Dell and HP are undoubtedly the companies to beat in the U.S. PC business. Aside from Acer, they typically understand quite well how important it is to appeal to consumers or enterprise customers that are looking to be more productive with Windows and the devices they choose to buy. It's a strategy that has made both Dell and HP extremely successful in the computing space, and ensures that they will continue to be forces to be reckoned with in any market they enter. But for now, neither HP nor Dell seem to fully understand the tablet computer business. Both companies have offered slates to compete against Apple's iPad, and yet, they have done nothing to steal even a significant portion of the market. That has been mainly due to their inability to see the changing times and adapt. And they don't seem to understand what customers are really looking for. Read on to find out why neither HP nor Dell understand the tablet business, and why they likely never will until they realize the error of their ways.
This article was originally published on 2010-11-15
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