WWSJD? How Steve Jobs Would Change Google

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    Don Reisinger

Kill Chrome OS

Kill Chrome OS

The first thing Steve Jobs would do as head of Google would be to kill off Chrome OS, the cloud-based operating system coming to Chromebooks next month. Chrome OS isn't as powerful as desktop operating systems, making it only useful for netbooks. And even then, the functionality won't match Windows. Steve Jobs is not a software-focused person. And that's precisely why he would ditch Chrome OS.
Channel Insider recently looked at the question WWSJD (what would Steve Jobs do) if the Apple CEO were running HP. Now we are shifting the focus to another technology giant, Google. As the world's top search engine and the company behind the top mobile platform, Android, Google is a force to be reckoned with in today's technology industry. And in some cases, especially mobile, Google has proven to be a thorn in Apple's side. But if Larry Page stepped aside as CEO of Google and Steve Jobs took over, what sort of changes could the world expect? Would he run it the same way his predecessors have or would he try something new? Chances are, the Google as it is known today would look nothing like the company that Steve Jobs would turn it into.

Read on to find out what Steve Jobs would do as the CEO of Google:
This article was originally published on 2011-05-17
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