Vacation Technology Tools: Seven To Help You Still Look Busy Even When You're Not

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    Chris Talbot

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HootSuite (www.hootsuite.com)HootSuite (and other social networking management tools) gives users the ability to schedule status updates and posts for a future time. Spend a few minutes prior to your vacation setting up a bunch of posts to go live when you're kickin' back on a beach somewhere, and voila! You look productive, even though you're sipping margaritas.
When it comes to vacations, technology can either be your master or your slave. Let it be your master and you'll be spending all your time connected to the office, responding to emails, taking calls from angry stressed-out people, and putting out fires. Why bother taking a vacation at all? But make technology your slave and you can use it to make yourself appear to be busy and productive even as you spend your days on the beach and your nights at the night clubs sipping Mojitos and forgetting about the office. And the bonus is this: the downtime that you take for yourself will actually help you be more productive once you get back to work. So open that Corona, pull up your chaise lounge chair in full view of the ocean and take a look at our list for technology tools to make you appear busy and productive even when you're doing anything but that.
This article was originally published on 2010-08-18