Upgrade Your Office: Design on a Budget

  • By

    Nathan Eddy

Air Grid Leather Chair ($199.98)

Air Grid Leather Chair ($199.98)

Tilt and swivel with a lever-operated pneumatic height adjuster until you're comfortable in this stylish leather chair, which also features adjustable armrests. Just don't fall asleep in it.
While small business owners are still struggling to regain solid footing in the wake of the recession more than two years ago, finding some room in the budget to elevate the level of design in the office surroundings may not be as far-fetched as it seems. Simple ideas like community work spaces, a colorful couch or ergonomic office chairs can do wonders for employee morale and even improve productivity. A happy workplace is a functional workplace, and creating a stylish meeting room for clients can pay off if it extends the image of your company in tactile form. Take a look at these ways to add some pop to your office environment-without bursting your budget.
This article was originally published on 2011-01-13