Top Tales of IT Terror

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    Ericka Chickowski

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It Came From the DeepThe data recovery experts at Kroll Ontrack once received a laptop that had been absolutely soaked in saltwater. The story goes that the guy who owned the notebook had brought it with him on vacation so he could catch up on email on the beach. At one point he decided to go for a swim but didn't want to leave his precious computer unattended. So instead he put it in a plastic bag and brought it with him for a dip! Needless to say, the bag didn't work. It's NOT safe to go back in the water.
Ghost in the machine? Blue Screen of Death? Or is there something even scarier? Gather ‘round, IT professionals, for some truly scary stories from the server room. In honor of Halloween, Channel Insider asked IT veterans to tell the tales of their scariest IT mishaps and embarrassments they've seen out in the field. Do you dare to read them all?
This article was originally published on 2011-10-26