Top Mobile Acquisitions of 2010

  • By

    Leah Gabriel Nurik

Google and…um…

Google and…um…

The search giant has made no secret of its plans for mobile domination, and its 2010 M&A strategy was focused on everything mobile and social. Many of its mobile acquisitions focused on improving Android functionality – like visual mobile search provider PlinkArt, and music synching techie firm Simplify Media as well as Touch Typing and Bump-and the list goes on and on…
Consolidation of multiple markets was the big business trend of 2010, and mobility just may have won the "most activity" prize. The Big Guys like Google and Apple continuously snapped up smaller innovative players over the course of the year, looking to add more functionality and muscle to their own portfolios and offerings. Take a look at some of the most important mobile mergers in the mobility space in 2011 that are destined to shape apps, devices, revenue models and adoption rates within the mobile channel.
This article was originally published on 2010-12-22