Top 10 Reasons Why Cracking Into the U.S. Market Is Tough

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    Leah Gabriel Nurik

    | Posted 2009-11-20
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Insufficient Marketing & Sales BudgetWagner says Europeans particularly are guilty of underfunding sales and marketing budgets. He points to management teams comprised of technologists as one of the reasons. "They still view marketing and sales with suspicion, distrust and as a necessary evil," he said. Wagner also said underfunded budgets are often a result of Europeans unaccustomed to a marketing team that drives leads.
More and more tech companies are looking to enter the US market, but deciphering a formula for success is not an easy task. Lucian Wagner, co-founder and chairman of Launch in US Alliance, says that most European companies who try to seed the US market fail. Channel Insider takes a deeper look at the top 10 mistakes most companies make.

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