The Top 10 Business Applications for Tablets

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    Jennifer Lawinski

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1. Sales automation systems for customer collateral, sales presentations and ordering systems
Tablets aren't just for Angry Birds anymore. They're becoming business productivity tools that solution providers will be asked to integrate into their customers' systems as the suite of business applications available expands beyond the basics. "Now, major software vendors are taking the tablet seriously and embracing the market, following where users want to take the platform," says David Willis, analyst and vice president with Gartner. "As media tablets become more common in business, ERP, CRM and other business application vendors are looking to sell tablet versions of their software, but they will not all be equally usable or functional." Successful business apps have been engineered by the vendor to function in a tablet-specific way that's useful, he says. "Businesses must evaluate tablet apps based on functionality and business process integration, user factors, system integration, management and security, application architecture and vendor viability." Here we take a look at the top 10 tablet business applications your customers are likely to ask for, according to Gartner.
This article was originally published on 2011-11-22