The Right Tablet For The Right Person

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    Don Reisinger

1. The Photographer

1. The Photographer

About: The photographer in today's tech world is looking for ample storage to save all their photos. They also want a nice screen to show those photos off. They might take pictures with a traditional camera, but it would also be nice if the tablet they were using had one too. After all, who knows when an opportunity might crop up?Tablet Choice: 64GB Apple iPad 2
A year ago you had one choice of tablet: the Apple iPad. But today, when it comes to tablets, there are so many options, choices and brands. How do you know which tablet will suit your particular needs? A doctor will need different features than, say, a gamer will need. A photographer will want a brilliant screen and ample storage. Form factor, processor speed, connectivity – all these factors come into play for individual users looking for the best tablet experience for their unique needs. So Channel Insider has compiled a list of the best tablets for certain people. Where do you fit in?
This article was originally published on 2011-03-23
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