Technology Vendor, IT Solution Provider Relations: Where They Fall Short

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    Ericka Chickowski

    | Posted 2010-11-05
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52 percent of solution providers reported that one or two vendors made up 75 percent or more of their annual revenues.
The channel partnering experts at Amazon Consulting recently released a new study that revealed how channel partners, vendors and distributors are doing in the IT ecosystem. The survey found that the 80/20 rule is in play both for vendors and channel partners, as the most active solution providers are spending most of their time on just a few vendors solutions and that vendors receive the most value from a small group of high performance partners. Meanwhile, though vendors are increasing the breadth and depth of many of their programs, there are gaps where they fail to meet some of their partners' most acute needs. Similarly, there seems to be a disconnect between what type of support vendors expect their distributors to offer resellers and IT solution providers and what is actually delivered by these distributors. Take a look at the state of channel partner-vendor relations.

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