Technology as Competitive Differentiator

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Enterprise IT organizations are gearing up for the economic recovery with strategic technology initiatives. But with far fewer staff members working on these projects, enterprises will most likely be looking for outside help. Here's how IT solution providers, channel partners and resellers can best position themselves to be in the right place at the right time to help those enterprises achieve their goals.

PwC Suggests: Make technology a strategic asset and competitive differentiator by increasing your investment in technology infrastructure and applications.

The Channel's Role: This one is a no-brainer. Partners must offer strategic advice on the best areas for investment that suit the customer's business goals, rather than simply trying to sell the hottest technology. There is no better value-add than a deep understanding of the customer's industry, its competitive strengths and its weaknesses. This grasp of your client base's business objectives will enable you to suggest the most targeted technology investments that will offer customers measurable benefits in the future and should improve customer retention long-term

Look for ways to engage with non-IT business stakeholders in order to better understand customer needs.

Cling to the old box-pushing reseller model.

Pair up lower-margin, but customer-serving SaaS options with high-value consulting services. Customers that would shift to things like hosted e-mail will do so with or without you. Why not be proactive and serve them well while still packaging hosted solutions into bundles with decent margins?