Compliance Expertise Pays

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Enterprise IT organizations are gearing up for the economic recovery with strategic technology initiatives. But with far fewer staff members working on these projects, enterprises will most likely be looking for outside help. Here's how IT solution providers, channel partners and resellers can best position themselves to be in the right place at the right time to help those enterprises achieve their goals.


PwC Suggests: Prepare for major regulatory changes through a cross-section of
Issues -- international tax frameworks, infrastructure development, healthcare costs and environmental policies.

The Channel's Role: IT is integral to a host of regulatory compliance activities, and yet most internal IT staffers do not have the bandwidth to keep up with the latest reforms, updates and new requirements. Channel partners who make the effort to stay knowledgeable about relevant regulatory mandates coming down the pike and the technological innovations necessary to automate compliance processes can add a huge amount of value for their overburdened IT customers.

Position yourself as a compliance expert without doing the necessary homework or hiring appropriately trained staffers.

Consider partnering with a compliance consultant if you are a VAR in order to quickly bring your compliance expertise up to snuff.

Look to offer solutions and services that add value beyond just meeting compliance standards--for example, security products that only satisfy compliance mandates but don't truly mitigate risk are not serving customers well.