Smartphones: 10 Ways They've Changed Enterprise Management

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    Don Reisinger

1. The Workforce Is More Mobile

1. The Workforce Is More Mobile

If smartphones have done anything for the corporate world, they have made employees more mobile. Gone are the days when employees are able to step away from the office and untethered. Nowadays, workers are expected to be productive no matter where they are. And the enterprise has smartphones to thank for that.
The enterprise is an interesting market when it comes to smartphones. On one hand they're everywhere due to the increasingly mobile workforce requiring constant communication with the home office. But on the other hand they can be heavily regulated, and employees are sometimes forced to use devices that don't quite measure up to the technological feats as the smartphones they use in their daily lives. But smartphones have undoubtedly changed the enterprise in a big way. Not only are companies more capable of getting more from their employees, but they're also facing more security pressures than ever before. And along the way, they're being forced to think about many more areas of governance than they might have thought about before widespread smartphone adoption. By now, there is simply no going back. The corporate world is stuck with smartphones - both the good and bad about them - and that won't change. Read on to find out how smartphones have changed enterprise computing and management:
This article was originally published on 2011-01-11
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