Six Vendors Vying for 'iPad Killer' Status

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    Ericka Chickowski

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1. Dell While some are proclaiming the little Dell Streak to be an iPad competitor, its awkward 5-inch size (too big to be a smartphone, too small to be a tablet) will be a liability. Dell is more likely to make waves with a 2011 release of a true tablet--rumored to be offered as 7-inch and 10-inch variants.
Apple's iPad has experienced huge success over the last few months, selling at a pace of about one million units per month and sending users into an app-induced frenzy as the digital world starts to realize the true potential presented by convenient computing mobility. Unsurprisingly, now that the blood is in the water, competition is circling to get a bite of Apple's oh-so-tasty mobile market. The following vendors are hoping to crack at the iPad with their very own tablet creations by the end of this year and early 2011.
This article was originally published on 2010-06-16