Moving to Mac: 10 Things to Consider Before Deploying Mac OS X

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    Don Reisinger

1. Security Issues Are There

1. Security Issues Are There

Although Windows is widely considered the "dangerous" operating system for those who don't adequately protect themselves from threats, more and more malicious hackers are turning to Mac OS X to capitalize on those users, as well. And the last thing a company should want to do is fall into a false sense of security with Mac OS X. Believe it or not, it can cause security issues, as well.
Apple's Mac OS X platform is a winner for consumers. Not only does it make it easy for folks to do the work they want to get done, but it provides users with a level of security that they might not find with the potentially malware-ridden Windows box they use at work. Plus, it has a design aesthetic that people look for in products. But in the enterprise that hasn't necessarily been the case. Apple's market share is far behind that of Microsoft's Windows share in business deployments, and the chances of that changing anytime soon are, well, zero. But that doesn't mean that some companies aren't considering deploying Mac OS X in their operations. Apple's iPhone and iPad have piqued business customer interest in Apple's platforms. In fact, some companies are right now examining how they can deliver Mac OS X to employees. But before that happens, those companies should keep in mind some of the things that might not make Mac OS X so viable. It's a nice operating system, but it's not the perfect software for business.
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This article was originally published on 2010-11-22
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