Mobile App Development: Five Strong Tools To Get You Started

  • By

    Ericka Chickowski

Sweb Apps

Sweb Apps

Quickly create iPhone apps using a number of pre-built buttons and functionalities, including buttons that will send users directly to the business' Facebook or Twitter page through the application. Initial design starts at $299, with an additional $25 per month hosting fee and a $10 per month AppTracker fee to measure how many times the application is downloaded through the iTunes Store.www.swebapps.com

The opportunities abound for smart channel partners willing to leverage mobile platforms to improve marketing efforts or streamline internal business processes with the right custom applications. While custom development costs can add up, there has been a growth in modular, customizable mobile application development products and services that offer businesses the targeted application features they'd like to offer their customers or internal users without having to start development from scratch. Here's a sampling to get you started.

This article was originally published on 2010-11-30