Looking Back: Top 10 Software Stories

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    Leah Gabriel Nurik

    | Posted 2009-12-22

Cloudy with a Chance of Mass Adoption

Cloud is hot –there is no doubt about that, but, 2009 saw cloud go beyond the buzz and make substantial headway in actualizing the value proposition for the channel. Mass adoption of cloud computing still has a long way to go, but the release and current availability of supporting development tools and frameworks (Google Apps)  combined with the numerous power players putting a stake in the ground (Amazon EC2, IBM, Fujitsu, and more) sets up cloud to become a reality for more companies in 2010. Everyone wants a piece of the cloud craze, and early enterprise adopters moving to the cloud are beginning to experience significant impact. But, cloud computing is still in its infancy and the market craves definition and differentiation as it begins to evolve to mass adoption. Enterprises and ISVs are still leery, and fighting security and reliability concerns in the wake of disasters like the Danger/Sidekick failure remains a serious challenge for cloud players. Expect definition and differentiation to occur in 2010 as the big players battle it out and try to snag the growing enterprise business. Watch for VARs and smaller service providers to target SMBs and help setup shop in smaller clouds and push customers to move operations. Also, expect a few cloud catastrophes and unforeseen disasters similar to the Danger/Sidekick debacle before maturation is complete.


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