Looking Back: Top 10 Software Stories

  • By

    Leah Gabriel Nurik

    | Posted 2009-12-22

Android Delivers Drama

Google’s Android takes the prize for the biggest software story of 2009. The release and quick mass adoption of Google’s mobile operating system impacted both the enterprise and consumer software markets. The software giant’s smart and calculated moves in producing an open source environment enabled rapid application development and the release of Android smartphones on multiple carriers. It also unleashed the first real iPhone competitor into the marketplace. Perhaps 2010 will see Android Market gain traction and drive significant revenue for participating developers, but for now, word on the street is an easier billing system and improved search functionality would help adoption and drive more revenue for developers. So far, Android has made limited progress in the enterprise, but, wait and see if mobile business application companies begin to add Android support to portfolios packed with mobile field service, sales force and CRM applications. Expect to see a lot more smartphones running Google OS with some cool, new features in 2010. Also, expect Google to snag market share from Apple and try with gusto to move into the enterprise.


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