Looking Back: Top 10 Security Stories of 2009

By Ericka Chickowski  |  Print this article Print

In a year that proved difficult for many within the IT channel, IT security remained a hot commodity as buyers worked to comply with regulatory mandates that remain no matter how bad the economy spirals and threats that only continue to ramp up. Channel Insider takes a look at some of the biggest stories within security that resonated within the channel this year.

ConSentry Closes Its Doors

The final nail in the coffin of what was once the standalone network access control (NAC) market, ConSentry Networks announced in August that it was turning the lights off on an operation that at one point was heralded as one of the biggest up-and-comers network security. Unfortunately for ConSentry (and its partners), pure-play NAC never quite sold the IT buyers the way it did the analysts and industry sycophants. The ConSentry shut-down followed in the footsteps of other NAC vendor failures, most notably Lockdown Networks and Caymas, after many of the big players either started building NAC functionality into endpoint security products or directly into networking infrastructure.

Leaving existing customers and partners up the proverbial creek, the sunk ConSentry offers a valuable lesson to the channel about the niche security companies.

Sometimes the brightest niche players can't survive with the best of technologies if it's going to force customers to rip and replace. It usually pays to hitch with more established player that has slightly less secure but more deployable technology, along with vastly more resources to help you sell it.