Looking Back: Top 10 Security Stories of 2009

By Ericka Chickowski  |  Print this article Print

In a year that proved difficult for many within the IT channel, IT security remained a hot commodity as buyers worked to comply with regulatory mandates that remain no matter how bad the economy spirals and threats that only continue to ramp up. Channel Insider takes a look at some of the biggest stories within security that resonated within the channel this year.

IBM Validates Database Security

Where better to protect the data than in the main repository for most corporate information: the database? This has been the rallying cry for several years now among security analysts and proponents for the database activity monitoring (DAM) market.

Clearly, their declarations have gained traction within the enterprise and the security market in general. The biggest sign of this shined through earlier this month with a $225-million IBM acquisition of the largest standalone DAM in the market, Guardium. Analysts proclaimed the price tag was a huge validation of the importance of database security in general

What the purchase itself means for Guardium partners and the IBM channel at large still remains to be seen, though some of Guardium's competitors remain skeptical of its ability to properly support and integrate the technology within the IBM schema.