Looking Back: Top 10 Security Stories of 2009

By Ericka Chickowski  |  Print this article Print

In a year that proved difficult for many within the IT channel, IT security remained a hot commodity as buyers worked to comply with regulatory mandates that remain no matter how bad the economy spirals and threats that only continue to ramp up. Channel Insider takes a look at some of the biggest stories within security that resonated within the channel this year.

Webroot Clawing Its Way Back Into Relevance

Webroot is finding its way again after losing sight of its identity over the past several years. Suffering a bit from jack-of-all-trades syndrome, Webroot was expending considerable energy trying to figure out if it was an enterprise security or a consumer security company. It dedicated a lot of resources to its consumer retail push, only to find its enterprise practice floundering.

2009 was the year for the company to turn the ship around and reinvest in its enterprise roots. This year saw  the installment of a new CEO and the launch of a hybrid SaaS product set. Webroot also brought on Jerry Jalaba, the experienced channel chief who built up Postini prior to its acquisition to Google, to reengage its channel partners.