Looking Back: Top 10 Security Stories of 2009

By Ericka Chickowski  |  Print this article Print

In a year that proved difficult for many within the IT channel, IT security remained a hot commodity as buyers worked to comply with regulatory mandates that remain no matter how bad the economy spirals and threats that only continue to ramp up. Channel Insider takes a look at some of the biggest stories within security that resonated within the channel this year.

Cisco buys ScanSafe

Cisco's announcement of the $183-million purchase of ScanSafe followed hot on the heels of the Barracuda-PureWire deal, further confirming the relevance of content security as companies. But while the Barracuda purchase promised to offer the channel more choices in how to sell content security, Cisco's snagging of ScanSafe could well completely shift the paradigm of enterprise content security altogether.

Upon close of the deal this month, Cisco announced that it would integrate ScanSafe directly into its network infrastructure, pointing to the future of such protections.

However, this still won't likely make standalone web security completely irrelevant. There are still plenty of non-Cisco shops around and new threats crop up each day.