Lenovo's Enterprise Stronghold: 10 Ways the Laptop Maker Continues to Surprise

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    Don Reisinger

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1. Sticking With the EnterpriseLenovo is perfectly content with sticking with the enterprise. The company knows that there is a big and profitable consumer market out there, but it continues to deliver an experience to corporate customers that is making it successful. By focusing its efforts in the corporate world, Lenovo will likely continue to capitalize on the notoriously change-averse market.
In the PC market, Lenovo is the other company. It's the firm that most consumers forget about when they're looking to buy a new PC, but its ThinkPad laptop brand of computer goes back a long way with the enterprise. It's the brand and line of notebook computers that Lenovo purchased from corporate computing stalwart IBM. At the same time. it's the company that tech pundits often overlook when they're evaluating the PC market. And it's the company that enterprise customers look to after they've finished seeing what kind of deals HP and Dell can offer. But that doesn't seem to bother Lenovo. The PC maker is still a wildly successful company that keeps delivering outstanding products to the enterprise. And although its future might be in doubt as bigger alternatives continue to increase market share, it seems that Lenovo has what it takes to survive in the space for the foreseeable future. Lenovo's story, and its ability to survive in the space, is impressive. And it continues to surprise those who thought Lenovo would have been marginalized long ago. Read on to find out why:
This article was originally published on 2010-08-20
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