IT Spending Indicators Still Murky

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    Ericka Chickowski

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Gartner believes that IT spending growth will only reach 2.9 percent in 2010, an adjustment from the 4.1 percent yearly growth it had predicted earlier this year.
It's been a rollercoaster year for IT's prognosticators as analysts have tried to stay on their toes while responding to 2010's volatile economic indicators. While the industry has seen the bleeding stop this year, with ever-so-slight increases in spending, some analysts remain wary about what's to come. The channel will have to continue to watch over predictions from all sources, as the reports that continue to come out remain contradictory. Channel Insider offers some highlights from recent reports, along with a few economic indicators to better paint the picture of spending in the months to come.
This article was originally published on 2010-08-27