How Android Tablets Can Make It In Business

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    Don Reisinger

Better Security

Better Security

One of the biggest problems facing Android right now is the concern that it's not as secure as other mobile operating systems. Google must work diligently on improving Android security and reassuring business customers that if they get an Android-based tablet, they won't need to worry about sensitive information seeping out into the wild.
The corporate world has been warming to the idea of adopting tablets for quite some time now. The only issue is that the vast majority of companies aren't quite sure which device is right. On one hand, the average organization can opt for the iPad and be relatively happy with the result. But its consumer-focus is causing other organizations to think seriously about the Research In Motion BlackBerry PlayBook and its appeal to the enterprise. All the while, Android tablets have been largely ignored by corporate customers. Business IT tends to view Android devices as less-worthy options right now, due to the consumer focus of those devices. Moreover, with recent concerns over Android security, some worry that Android just isn't ready for the corporate world. Though that is debatable, there are ways for Android tablets to start appealing to enterprise customers. Here's how Android tablets win favor with business customers.
This article was originally published on 2011-04-19
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