Holiday Shopping Bargains: Best Web Sites for Finding Them

  • By

    Leah Gabriel Nurik



Groupon (www.groupon.com) offers localized deals from discounted dinners to a back wax at a salon, based on your city or the city of your soon-to-be gift recipient. Deal offers arrive via email each morning.

Looking for some help and inspiration with that holiday shopping? You're not alone. Recent surveys show that although people are cutting back on how much they spend overall on holiday shopping in 2010, they plan to increase the amount they spend on technology and consumer electronics. From HDTVs to tablet computers to smart phones to eReaders to digital cameras, consumers plan to open up their wallets to buy gadgets this year. But regardless of whether you spend your money on a new gaming system for the kids, an iPad for your spouse or a fruit basket for the neighbor, there's no reason to pay top dollar. Bargains abound at this time of year, as do the web sites that can help you find them. So get ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the ensuing madness with a plan of action. Check out these web sites to help guide your way through.

This article was originally published on 2010-11-23