Google's Strategy: 10 Things You Need to Understand about Google

  • By

    Don Reisinger

1. It's An Advertising Game

1. It's An Advertising Game

Every decision Google makes is in some way related to advertising. The company realizes that Web-based advertising is big business. And the last thing it wants to do is put that in jeopardy for the sake of breaking into another market. No matter the industry or the focus, advertising is what dictates Google's every decision.
Google is one of those technology companies that gets an inordinate amount of attention. The reason for that is due in main part to the company's desire to compete in so many different markets. Not only is it a search giant, but Google is also performing extremely well in the advertising, mobile, and cloud-based spaces and going up against competitors such as Microsoft and Apple. Simply put, the firm is everywhere. But because Google has become so ubiquitous in today's increasingly crowded technology industry, some companies need to understand a bit better what the search giant is all about. At first glance, it might just be a search company trying to compete in other spaces. But a detailed look at Google reveals that it's many things to many people. And that won't change anytime soon. Read on to find out what companies need to understand about Google, and where it is going in the future.
This article was originally published on 2010-09-24
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