Amazon's Kindle Fire: First Impressions

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    Don Reisinger

1. It's Really Small

1. It's Really Small

Those who have yet to hold a tablet or are used to the iPad will quickly find that the Kindle Fire is really small. Part of that is due to its 7-inch screen, but it might also have something to do with Amazon's desire to keep it extremely thin -- 0.45 inches, to be exact. Think of the Kindle Fire as holding a small paperback -- and the iPad 2 like holding a big hardcover.
Now that the Amazon Kindle Fire is on store shelves, does it live up to the hype. After all, prior to its launch, just about everyone was saying that the tablet could be the kind of product that could dethrone the iPad 2, bring Android to the masses, and prove once and for all that there can be more than one company that can succeed in the tablet space. But before we get into our look at the experience of using the Kindle Fire, it's worth noting that these are preliminary views on the device. I've only been using the tablet for 24 hours, and it's quite possible that with more use, it could either become an even better mobile companion or be relegated to the back of my closet with the many other devices that, for one reason or another, fail to appeal to me any longer. So, taking that into account, take a look at these first impressions to Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablet and the impression it provides to consumers as soon as they break it out of the box.
This article was originally published on 2011-11-18
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