Bull's Eye Awards: Vertical Practice of the Year

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    Ericka Chickowski

    | Posted 2009-12-16



Known all along on Wall Street as the managed service provider that keeps financial services IT infrastructure ticking, HEIT wins this year's Bull's Eye Champion award for Vertical Practice of the Year. HEIT's practice is purpose-built for the rigorous demands of banks and credit unions alike, helping shoulder the burden of dialing in  IT performance, complying with regulatory mandates and shoring up security for its clients so they in turn can focus on managing their customers' valuable capital. Some of its offerings include cloud-based management of mission-critical applications, unified compliance monitoring and management, and security risk management.

Channel Insider recognizes HEIT for this honor due to its development of an on-demand platform that allows financial organizations--large and small--to achieve their goals in the critical areas of performance, compliance and security at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution. By partnering with a leading governance, risk and compliance software developer for Fortune 500 companies, HEIT was able to license a SaaS solution set that fuels an on-demand platform that visually displays comprehensive performance, compliance and security postures. The platform also parses out compliance postures for specific regulations, such as GLBA and FFIEC.

What's more, HEIT does it all with an infrastructure that passes the same rigorous auditing that would be required of any of its individual customers. The organization adheres to FFIEC guidelines, standards such as SAS70 TypeII and ISO72001, and managed service provider standards such as Cisco Master MSP and MSPAlliance Master MSP.

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