Bull's Eye Awards: Vertical Practice of the Year

  • By

    Ericka Chickowski

    | Posted 2009-12-16



RCH Solutions
The Challenger winner for Vertical Practice of the Year, RCH Solutions has made a name for itself within the life sciences industry by putting customer business objectives above all else. Unlike most VARs that are IT solution providers with vertical knowledge, RCH positions itself as a vertical solution provider with loads of IT knowledge.

Serving a range of customers from the large Fortune 500 company down to the niche SMB player, RCH employs a team of scientists to sell directly to the scientists at client organizations, enabling RCH to speak to customers about IT in language that they understand. The deep scientific knowledge RCH retains in-house also helps it truly understand the challenges and business needs of such a highly specialized vertical. As a result, RCH is able to advise customers on not only the back-end infrastructure necessary to crunch scientific data once it's been recorded, but also on the complex instrumentation necessary to collect it in the first place.

RCH plays the important middleman role between two highly specialized markets -- scientific equipment and IT equipment -- that offer their own unique challenges and quirks. This gives RCH customers a single point of contact to discuss technology no matter what side of the house it comes from. And it also makes highly difficult integrations look like seamless plug-and-play technology to the typical RCH end customer. Most importantly, RCH does this with a deep pool of support specialists in order to ensure that systems can meet performance, availability and security needs.


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