Bull's Eye Awards: Solution of the Year

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    Steve Wexler

    | Posted 2009-12-17



Based out of Sudbury, MA, ScerIS has been in the solution business since 1993 when James 'Jim' Walckner opened the doors to provide electronic document repositories to healthcare, business and government organizations. Since its founding the company has grown to include professional services, software development, outsourced services, and a wide array of applications to serve many industries, but its focus remains business process optimization.

It was this focus which helped them take top spot in this year's Bull's Eye, by having the vision, creativity and technical expertise to listen to what the customer described as a pain point in its business process and translate that into a solution that helps it foster best business practices, reduce their cost of operation, provide full visibility to in-process work and complies with all of their oversight needs for auditability and transparency. They had the confidence that they could fashion a solution for a vendor invoice processing need that significantly reduces the labor required for invoice posting process and they came through with that solution in record time and under budget. 

As a result, they are saving the client more than a million dollars a year. The client now sees cash thirty to sixty days sooner than it ever could before because it can process more work in less time with fewer people and better vision. The soft cost benefits are enormous as well as it has given them the opportunity to apply what they learned with the AP project to other facets of their business, extending the cost-savings over a wider area and returning all of that value to its bottom line.

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